Debunked: Donald Trump…

Debunked: There is no truth to the rumor that Donald Trump has been recruiting homeless people to manage multi-million dollar portfolios, in hopes of duplicating the success of Eddie Murphy’s character in “Trading Places”

It was believed that Trump launched the plan after watching the classic ’80s film, but we’re sure that he is too savvy of a business person to trust his money with unqualified people.


Debunked: Jameis Winston

Debunked: As of this post, Florida State QB Jameis Winston has not been arrested or charged with sexual assault or other crimes. An investigation is underway, but it could be weeks or months before the State’s Atty decides whether or not to charge the Heisman frontrunner with any crime.

If he is charged with a felony, he will not be able to play due to school rules. Unless that happens, he will be free to lead the undefeated Seminoles in their remaining games.

– Update: The State’s Attorney’s office decided not to press charges against Jameis. We’re pretty sure he will be among the most eligible bachelors and will be pursued relentlessly by women.

– Further update: Congratulations to Jameis for winning the Heisman Trophy. We thought he deserved it.

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Confirmed: Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Frankenstein Film

Confirmed: Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter Fame has been tabbed to star in an upcoming production of Frankenstein. Despite receiving top billing, he will not portray Dr. F or the monster – he will play Igor.

Based on images we’ve seen, Igor will not be a deformed hunchback in this version of the story.

Stay tuned for more details!

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