Debunked: Washington Redskins…

Debunked: Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is NOT planning to rename his NFL franchise the Washington Rednecks as a final act of protest against pressure to rename the team.

Snyder has repeatedly vowed to retain the name Redskins despite pressure from the media and even the government.

We decided to stay out of the controversy ourselves. We feel Snyder has the opportunity to find a new and exciting name and logo that will inspire fans to spend lot of money on brand new merchandise, while also scaring them into buying up old merchandise in fear that it will soon be unavailable.

Good luck to everyone involved!

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Debunked: Taylor Swift…

Debunked: Earlier we confirmed that Taylor Swift adopted a kitten. Now we’ll debunk another rumor. The Nashville Fire Department was not called in to rescue the kitten named Olivia Benson from a tree branch. The adorable kitty is safe and sound, and no firefighters were hospitalized after a daring rescue.

The whole story is nothing but a debunked rumor.

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