Confirmed: Sepp Blatter…

Confirmed: The president of FIFA is named Joseph Blatter, but goes by the name Sepp Blatter.

As a Swiss national, Sepp Blatter probably seems like a normal name to him. We can only guess.

For those Americans that hate soccer, FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association and is the international governing body of association football, futsal and beach soccer. Its membership comprises 209 national associations. Its headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland, and its president is Sepp Blatter. FIFA is responsible for the organisation of football’s major international tournaments, notably the World Cup. This is a copy and paste number from the often-reliable site Wikipedia. Some people may think that futsal is a misspelling of futbal, but NO! Futsal is actually a form of soccer, played indoors on a smaller court, with fiver players per side including the goalie.

It seems like Sepp Blatter could have found a more normal sounding name – like his actual name, for example. Of course, then he wouldn’t be featured in an awesome website like Rumor Debunker

We’re not going to lie to you folks – we do enjoy unusual sounding names and will continue to bring them to you as we see fit.

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