Debunked Rumor: The End Of The World…

Debunked Rumor: According to NASA, the world is not ending in September 2015. According to the sometimes-reliable Internet, there was supposed to be a huge unnamed asteroid on a collision course with the Gulf of Mexico, set to hit in September 2015.

Evidently this is purely a hoax with no scientific basis. Of course the world could end for some different reason at any moment so it’s always a good idea to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Had the fictional asteroid been real, its impact might have caused huge tidal waves that would have flooded and destroyed all of the US, Mexico and South America, leaving Canada fairly damp.


Confirmed Rumor: Jeb Bush…

Confirmed Rumor: Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s name is not Jeb. JEB is an acronym for John Ellis Bush.

Unclear: Does Jeb make the heir of a multi-millionaire political dynasty seem more relatable to the common man? Is a small town country bumpkin in a red state more likely to vote for a guy named Jeb? Maybe. We suppose it could be a clever tactic to fool the uninformed idiots out there. But we can neither confirm nor debunk this theory.