About us

The most important thing to know is that we will never knowingly confirm a false rumor, or knowingly debunk a true rumor. We wish we were entertaining, but at the very least we will rely on sources that are reliable as far as we know. If we’re ever duped – and we expect to be – we will post a correction as soon as possible, or at least change the status of a rumor to ‘unclear’ until we can be sure.

After that, you should know that we feel like we should have a separate section just for disgraced former senator Risk Santorum. We feel that he is a national embarrassment. If he is ever elected President somehow, we will strongly consider leaving the US for his sure-to-be-disastrous term in office. We’re patriotic Americans so we would not leave permanently. Still, we won’t post rumors about him unless we honestly believe they are true. In fact, we’ll probably try extra hard to get these right, or at least post our sources so you can blame someone else.

Also, we find it disgraceful that college sports generate untold billions of dollars, yet its highly paid officials go to insane lengths to make sure the actual players do not get paid. We’ll post about this hypocrisy to annoying lengths.

Any images we post have been presented to us as “Free to modify, share, and use commercially.” If you see an image that you own but that is not actually “free to modify, share and use commercially,” let us know and we’ll remove it. Please sue Bing and not us. Bing has a lot of money; we don’t.

Finally, we are a bunch of weirdos.