Confirmed Rumor: Jennifer Lawrence…

Confirmed Rumor: Jennifer Lawrence has a mouth like a sailor. For those that might be unfamiliar with that phrase, it means that she loves to use foul language. She uses a lot of bad words.

The Hunger Games movie franchise features a number of child actors, so the cast and crew decided to institute a ‘swear jar’ on set. For those that might be unfamiliar, people place money in a ‘swear jar’ when they violate a policy of not swearing.

Jennifer is still America’s darling and beloved by many no matter how filthy her language might be.


Confirmed Rumor: Donald Trump…

Confirmed Rumor: Donald Trump colors his hair. As far as anyone knows, the hair grows out of his head, but in a gray color.

Trump recently announced his bid for president, making some controversial remarks that may have sunk the campaign on its first day. The speech has already cost him millions of dollars as various people and companies have decided to distance themselves from Trump.

It remains to be seen how long he’ll stay in the race, but he’s sure to shake things up and make it more interesting

Trump For President
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Confirmed Rumor: Darth Vader…

Confirmed Rumor: Darth Vader’s voice actor James Earl Jones not only stuttered in his youth, he was functionally mute for years. It wasn’t until a teacher inspired him that his golden voice was unleashed upon the world.

Can you believe a person who is widely know for his voice and acting ability was once a stutterer and mute? Maybe there’s hope for the rest of us. Even those of us that don’t stutter and aren’t mute.

Here’s to all the teachers out there – continue to inspire the youth.

Confirmed Rumor: Oprah…

Confirmed Rumor: Oprah Winfrey is a beauty pageant winner! The multi-billionaire was named Miss Black Tennessee in 1971.

Oprah is often referred to as the most influential woman in the world. Evidently the most influential person is the Pope, so by our guess, that means she is the most influential person in the US. Rich, powerful, and beautiful. What a rags to riches success story! The most successful person of all time? Why not. The list of accolades is endless.