Confirmed Rumor: Oprah…

Confirmed Rumor: Oprah Winfrey is a beauty pageant winner! The multi-billionaire was named Miss Black Tennessee in 1971.

Oprah is often referred to as the most influential woman in the world. Evidently the most influential person is the Pope, so by our guess, that means she is the most influential person in the US. Rich, powerful, and beautiful. What a rags to riches success story! The most successful person of all time? Why not. The list of accolades is endless.


Confirmed Rumor: Snickers…

Confirmed Rumor: Snickers candy bars are named after a beloved horse once owned by the Mars family. It seems like a good name for a horse.

OK that wasn’t exactly the ground-breaking, earth shattering content you’re used to.

How about this – if you’ve ever referred to something foolish, unintelligent, silly or stupid as ‘asinine,’ you’re also referring to traits of the animal known as the ass. It’s the equivalent of a dog being a canine or a cat being a feline.

Well, we’ll try to find something better for next time

Confirmed Rumor: Scarlett Johansson…

Confirmed Rumor: Scarlett Johansson is expecting a baby. Some people will find this surprising since she seems to a lot of fighting and action scenes in her new movie “Lucy”

Don’t forget, movies are usually shot months or years before they appear in theaters.

We wish Scarlett, father of the baby Romain Dauriac and the fetus all the best. We understand that Romain is a French journalist and art connissieur.

A lot of people like babies so we hope you liked this gossip

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