Confirmed: Michael Moore…

Confirmed Rumor: Michael Moore publicly revealed the ending to “American Sniper,” the Clint Eastwood-directed, Oscar-nominated movie.

Everyone should know that Moore is a liberal spokesman and has made anti-war movies such as “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

They should also know that Clint Eastwood spoke at the 2012 Republican Convention in Tampa, FL.

Now that we’ve established sides, you may have a good understanding why Moore might oppose the movie, which is based on the autobiography of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle. Many Americans view Kyle and other military servicemen and servicewomen and national heroes.

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, so Moore is free to display his views.

Clearly, Kyle’s true life story is already public knowledge.

Still, publicly giving away the ending to a movie is not cool in our eyes!!!

So regardless of your political viewpoint, and whether or not you support the troops or their mission, one thing is clear: Moore went out of his way to publicly spoil the ending to the movie.

The End.


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Confirmed: Andre 3000…

Confirmed: Andre 3000 will play Jimi Hendrix in an incoming biopic tentatively titled “Jimi: All Is By My Side.” The Outkast frontman, whose real name is supposed to be Andre Benjamin, learned to play the guitar left-handed like Jimi Hendrix did. Apparently Andre played all of the music in the film – no actual Hendrix music is in the soundtrack.

We’re sure that the movie will further propel the popularity of Jimi and Andre both

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Debunked: Bryan Cranston…

Debunked: Bryan Cranston will not play Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie. Instead it will be Jesse Eisenberg. Evidently Jesse is a hot commodity in Hollywood and many moviegoers like him.

It is not true that Bryan was denied the role because he demanded to be shown in his underwear 25 times in the movie

We look forward to seeing Bryan’s next project – whatever it may be.