Debunked Rumor: Caitlyn Jenner…

Debunked Rumor: Caitlyn Jenner will not be on the new $10 bill. We do expect a woman’s likeness to replace Alexander Hamilton’s at some point in the near future. However, at this moment the Treasury Department has not officially settled on which woman will appear on the bill.

We hate to type this, but apparently some people feel that there is resemblance between Caitlyn Jenner and US Treasury Secretary Rosa “Rosie” Rios. Rios’ image is often seen in association with the story, causing confusion among some.

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US Treasury Secretary Rosa “Rosie” Rios. Do you see a resemblance?

The idea to place a woman on the currency is so popular, there is also brewing momentum for a change to other money as well. Still, you can feel confident that the new person on the bill will be deceased, and Jenner is currently alive. Maybe some day.

Woman on the new $10 bill
What woman should appear on the new $10 bill?

Confirmed Rumor: Jeb Bush…

Confirmed Rumor: Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s name is not Jeb. JEB is an acronym for John Ellis Bush.

Unclear: Does Jeb make the heir of a multi-millionaire political dynasty seem more relatable to the common man? Is a small town country bumpkin in a red state more likely to vote for a guy named Jeb? Maybe. We suppose it could be a clever tactic to fool the uninformed idiots out there. But we can neither confirm nor debunk this theory.

Confirmed Rumor: Donald Trump…

Confirmed Rumor: Donald Trump colors his hair. As far as anyone knows, the hair grows out of his head, but in a gray color.

Trump recently announced his bid for president, making some controversial remarks that may have sunk the campaign on its first day. The speech has already cost him millions of dollars as various people and companies have decided to distance themselves from Trump.

It remains to be seen how long he’ll stay in the race, but he’s sure to shake things up and make it more interesting

Trump For President
Do you support Donald Trump For President?

Confirmed Rumor: Detroit…

Confirmed Rumor: Detroit has only offered the key to the city to five people:

– Jerome Bettis, a Detroit native and NFL superstar
– Mike Ilitch, a Detroit native, founder of Little Caesar’s, and owner of the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings
– Ben Carson, a Detroit native, neurosurgeon, and winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom
– James Earl Jones, U of Michigan alum, actor and voice of Darth Vader

Now can you guess the fifth? Another Detroit native? An accomplished philanthropist or national hero?

How about Saddam Hussein? It’s true and confirmed.

We’re not going to type the whole story.