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Welcome to Rumor Debunker! There are a lot of rumors floating around out there. Here we will research and confirm or debunk the most popular rumors. Whether it is about a celebrity, world events or crazy stuff that only happens on the internet. If it’s a rumor we’ll be debunking or confirming it. Unless we really can’t be sure – then we’ll label it ‘unclear.’

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Confirmed: Matthew Perry…

Confirmed: Matthew Perry is planning to star in and produce a remake of the popular TV series “The Odd Couple”

Matthew will play the Oscar Madison role – a sloppy, carefree type.

The uptight Felix Unger role has not been cast. Rumors are sure to abound of a reunion with Matthew’s “Friends” cast-mate Matt LeBlanc. We doubt that similar rumors will come up about David Schwimmer, but stranger rumors have come up in the past.

The new series is slated to air on CBS.

Regardless, we’ll be here to debunk or confirm the rumors about Matt LeBlanc and the Felix casting as soon as the information becomes available.

At least one person here feels Matthew would have been better suited for the Felix role.

Disclaimer: not only are we fans of “Friends,” we think the show went off the air too early. Some of us continue to watch old reruns and feel the show was a lot better at the end than it was at the beginning.

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