Unclear Rumor: George W Bush…

Unclear Rumor: George W. Bush won two Presidential elections, so he cannot run again. But could he end up President again anyway? His father, George H. W. Bush only won once, so he could run again – with son W. on board as Vice President. H.W. would be 92 years old by the next election in 2016, so in the event that he is unable to serve the entire four year term, George W. Bush would once again rise to the Presidency.

This rumor is being whispered loudly in Republican circles, but it is unclear whether the father-son combo would be willing and able to pull off the plan. Many in the GOP are excited and energized by the prospect. Some feel that W. still had some unfinished business when he left office.

It’s never too early to start discussing the next election.

We’re not constitutional scholars, but we understand that this plan would be perfectly legal, even if H.W. steps down only minutes after the inauguration.

We’ll just have to wait and see

Bush 2016
Would you vote for a Bush & Bush ticket in 2016?

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Unclear Rumor: Did Julia Roberts Win $50 on a Scratch Off Lottery Ticket?

Unclear Rumor: Did Julia Roberts win $50 on a scratch off lottery ticket?

This is a strange rumor. We cannot find any reliable source that can either confirm or debunk this one.

On one hand, it might seem a little odd for a multi-million dollar super star celebrity to be buying scratch off lottery tickets. But who knows? Maybe it was just an impulse buy. Maybe she just wanted a little excitement. Maybe the Pretty Woman star wanted to support the local education system.

So until someone with authority, or Julia Roberts herself confirms or debunks this one, we’ll have to label it Unclear.

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