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Welcome to Rumor Debunker! There are a lot of rumors floating around out there. Here we will research and confirm or debunk the most popular rumors. Whether it is about a celebrity, world events or crazy stuff that only happens on the internet. If it’s a rumor we’ll be debunking or confirming it. Unless we really can’t be sure – then we’ll label it ‘unclear.’

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Debunked: NCAA President Mark Emmert…

Debunked: In order to stress the amateur nature of college athletics, Mark Emmert will not forego his seven figure salary. In fact, he will gladly accept his pay and look for many opportunities to capitalize on his position and make more money for himself.

In 2011 Mark’s tax return included:

$1,201,159 in base compensation.
$234,300 in retirement and deferred compensation.
$214,947 in other reportable compensation.
$23,689 in nontaxable benefits.
$1,674,095 total

While administrators, coaches, tv networks, bowl officials, broadcasters, merchandisers, and others make millions off of college sports, players are forbidden to receive pay. They are also forbidden to profit from their own likeness and from selling their own autographs.

Many corporate CEO’s laud the business model of the NCAA and are looking for methods that would allow them to avoid paying their own workers, while padding their own pockets even more extravagantly.

Congratulations to Mark and everyone else that profits from college sports!

Abes of Maine