Debunked: Kool-Aid…

We’re sure you’ve all heard the expression “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid” or some other expression about drinking the Kool-Aid as in mindlessly accepting some ideas.

It stems from a cult that allegedly drank poisoned Kool-Aid to kill themselves.

The actual group followed a preacher named Jim Jones to a place in Guyana. Their new homeland was named “Jonestown”

Eventually, in 1978 Senator Leo Ryan led a delegation to inspect Jonestown. Ryan was contacted by concerned relatives of some members, and intended to help some members repatriate if they so wished.

Instead Ryan was murdered – becoming the first US Senator to be assassinated in office.

The cult members proceeded to kill themselves by drinking poison. Many were injected by needle. Jones had become a licensed jeweler so he could legal obtain mass quantities of poisons like cyanide.

But the poison was not mixed in Kool-Aid – it was in Flavor-Aid.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, so some people think Kool-Aid has been benefitting from free publicity from this catastrophe all these years.

So there’s another debunked rumor. Not a fun one but we’re glad we can help.